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Coatings to Protect and Preserve Marine InfrastructureAdrian Queally Ltd (AQL) provides very cost-effective and long-lasting PC Coating solutions, solutions which have been proven to protect and preserve a wide range of marine infrastructure to the best international standards. We offer optimal PC Coating solutions for a diverse range of types and scale of new-build and existing marine infrastructure, including marinas, berthing stations, piers, lock gates and bridges.

AQL’s has put in place quality assurance procedures that back-up our product specification and application processes. This ensures we always tailor our works package to deliver the most efficient, effective and long-lasting product and process solution to meet each projects specific infrastructure, operational requirements, site constraints and environmental conditions.

AQL has a proven track record of providing PC Coating solutions that are:

  • Easy to apply, fast curing and extremely high performance
  • Seawater, chemical spillage, abrasion, impact and UV light resistant
  • Industry-leading for anti-corrosive protection, especially for splash zones and immersed areas
  • Optimised for damp surface application and underwater curing
  • Capable of withstanding extreme mechanical wear, harsh exposure conditions and wide temperature variations
  • Optimised for easy maintenance, with high-performance surface tolerances
  • In compliance with environmental restrictions

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