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Tank CoatingsAdrian Queally Ltd (AQL) has a proven track record of only ever using Tank Coating Products and Application Processes that provide the best short- and long-term value-for-money for our clients, while also adhering to best international standards.

AQL offers significant cost- and time-savings to our clients by our use of products that are proven, in real-world conditions, to adhere with less surface preparation and fewer applications than a lot of the products currently being used within the industry today.

We extend the operational life and performance of Tanks by using products and application processes that have been proven to be world-leading when it comes to providing very strong, resilient, barriers against corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, stresses and strains.

Our solutions also have the advantage of creating a slick surface that ensures cost- and time efficiencies when it comes to maintenance tasks, like removing the likes of algae and lime, which can accumulate over time.

AQL’s application processes are designed to fully comply with manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines, as well as best international standards, no matter the on-site restrictions.


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