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TANK LININGAdrian Queally Ltd (AQL) has gained an industry-leading reputation for the quality and range of our work in installing flexible membrane liners for reservoirs and tanks. We provide cost-effective, flexible and durable solutions. The systems and materials we use comply with best international standards.AQL seals new-build structures/tanks to protect from chemical corrosion, and provide a smooth, hygienic and tough finish which is suitable for contact with potable water. We also carry out lining system repairs and relining on tanks and reservoirs when a problem occurs with the existing structure or at pipework intrusions.

The systems and products we use are corrosion, chemical and abrasion resistant, and provide for smooth, glossy, easy to clean surfaces. As part of the lining works AQL prepares the surfaces so that they are smooth, and free from debris, loose or flaking material. AQL also ensures surfaces are from contaminants such as oil, grease and dust. At all times we work we follow processes and procedures that are fully compliant with manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines.


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