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Anti-Static FlooringAdrian Queally Ltd (AQL) are experienced and highly-trained installers of high-performance, durable, static control floor systems. We provide industry and environment specific solutions that negate against the build-up of static electricity, or static electricity creating a point of ignition.

Our installation teams all work in adherence to AQL’s quality-assurance system of proven industry-leading processes and procedures, as well as to manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines and best international standards.

AQL’s multi-step Anti-Static Flooring systems include:

  • Preparation of existing sub-floor using a dust free process, e.g. shot blasting or diamond grinding
  • Application of a high-performance conductive primer
  • Laying of a floor earthing system – typically a copper mesh or earthing strips laid every 10 metres – that is then attached to a plant earthing system
  • Installation of an anti-static epoxy screed topcoat – the high-performance resin that best meets the load-bearing, durability and degree of static dissipation that the specific environment requires
  • Application of decorative and/or way-finding coating as required

AQL has gained a reputation for providing anti-static flooring solutions in a wide range of environments, including:
electronics manufacturing facilities; pharmaceutical and medical environments; automotive and aircraft maintenance facilities; and oil and chemical processing/storage.


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