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Dust SealingAdrian Queally Ltd (AQL) has a proven track record of providing durable, cost-effective and long lasting solutions for a range of industries and environments, including domestic, for which a dust-free environment is an imperative.

We use the highest-standard of penetrating concrete sealers and work in complete compliance with the manufacturers’ instructions and guidelines, as well as best international standards. This ensures our Dust Sealing solutions all react, chemically, with the entire surface to harden it and eliminate concrete dusting. And the finish is durable, low maintenance and long lasting. This is in addition to strengthening the concrete and sealing it internally against water, vapour, and gases. It does not make the surface slippery, does not change its appearance, and it remains paintable.

We use a range of products and applicators, tailoring the solution to meet each client’s requirements. This includes providing a Penetrating Concrete Sealer that is an effective, permanent, and inexpensive solution to stop concrete dusting in a home or residential environment. Or a Penetrating Concrete Sealer that is resistant to constant and/or heavy traffic, as well as heavy point loads, etc.


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