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Non Slip FloorsAdrian Queally Ltd (AQL) provides non-slip flooring that can withstand heavy traffic, and has low maintenance and cleaning costs.

We offer a diverse range of anti-slip floor coatings to reduce the risk of slippages and falls. By adding aggregates of varying particle size into a floor coating an abrasive or rough, but importantly anti slip characteristic, is obtained. Different types of filler are used to create an anti-slip floor coating that meets your needs. Examples are silica sands and quartz, but the end result is the same: a significant improvement in anti-slip properties and abrasion resistance.

We provide bespoke solutions for problem areas including:
walkways; steps; wash down areas and traffic aisles. This new anti-slip floor coating will enhance safety for pedestrians, and it is also useful to provide extra traction on slopes and ramps for forklift trucks etc.


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