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Adrian Queally Ltd (AQL) provides a comprehensive range of remediation and waterproofing solutions, including:

  • Assessment of current bund requirements and containment facilities
  • Integrity testing and provision of supporting documentation
  • Specification of remedial solutions to address ageing, cracking, chemical erosion, corrosion and/or damage.
  • Application of chemically resistant coatings, in conjunction with repair and priming products to bridge and seal cracks
  • Construction of new water and chemical containment facilities and structures
  • Application of flexible tanking membrane prior to tiling
  • Specification and application of solutions to increase chemical resistance and durability as well as minimise the risk of pollution if leaks should occur.

Bunds and TanksBunds and Tanks

We have a proven track record of providing client-specific comprehensive solutions for existing and new-build underground reservoirs, above ground reservoirs, water towers, balconies and swimming pools. For more information please refer to the projects shown below and Reservoir Repairs and Maintenance.


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