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Joint SealingAdrian Queally Ltd (AQL) are proven experts at providing project-specific, high-performance with rapid installation, joint sealants that are backed by independent test certificates and meet the highest quality standards.

Whether your requirement is to contain potable water, sea-water or aggressively corrosive chemicals, AQL can provide joint sealants in the colour and finish you want, and with the fire rating you need.

We can permanently seal any joint, whatever its type, accessibility and load-bearing requirements, even under pressurised water.

Our solutions are always the most cost-effective, long-lasting, durable and aesthetically refined solutions for the project

Our projects include: underground aluminium sulphate storage tanks; under- and over-ground reservoirs; waste water treatment plants; car- and bridge-decks; swimming pools; bunds and marine infrastructure of a wide range of types and scale.


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